The Highland Games

Highland Games Events

Visits to Perthshire, Scotland would be incomplete without taking part in one of the many Highland Games events that take place throughout the year. People in Scotland may celebrate their Scottish and Celtic ancestry, as well as the cultures that have sprung out as a result, during these events.

Scotland is known for a number of things including the kilt, bagpiping, and, of course, important events like the throwing of the caber. However, when you go to these kinds of events, you might see more than just this one thing. They used to hold contests for things like dance and drumming, and of course piping was always a part of them. As a result, if you visit Scotland and have some spare time, you’re likely to find something fun to do.

The Cowal Highland Gathering is, of course, the most well-known of Perthshire’s annual events, despite the fact that the county hosts several of them throughout the year. Around 3,500 individuals engage in the many activities that are part of the highland games each August at this specific highland games, making them one of the largest in the country.

As previously said, several contests are comprised of a variety of activities, however there are a select number that are common to all competitions held in Scotland today. In addition to the caber toss, athletes will also take part in the Stone Put, the Scottish Hammer Throw, and the Weight Throw competitions. Then there are the usual suspects like Highland Dancing and Solo Piping, which are always popular additions to these competitions.

Despite the fact that most people attend to watch the sports, you may participate in a couple of the events if you so like. Furthermore, no trip to the Scottish Highland Games would be complete without sampling some of the region’s specialties..

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