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Graham and Gavin win again!

June 9th, 2013

The 2013 Newburgh Coble Boat Race was won by the Marshall twins Graham and Gavin. Fraser Hart and Alan Brown came second with Thomas Johnston and Barry Roper coming a very close third. Despite the choppy conditions the womens race had more entries than usual, including a brave entry by two women who were visiting for the first time and decided to give it a go. The winners were Leigh Johnston and Gemma Marshall, with (Rev.) Lyn Brady and Claire (‘The Vet’) Poole coming in second. Third place went to Gillian Brennan and Lesley Fraser. The under eighteens race was won by Connor McGoey and Lyall Dow. Second place went to Fraser Ellison and Alex Strachan. Murray Hart and Ben Millar finished third.

Despite the event being organised at short notice there was a good sized crowd there to cheer the competitors on. The Coble Boat race is a unique event that the people of Newburgh are keen to keep going. Any local people willing to help out should visit the ‘contact’ and come forward to join the games committee.

Boat Race - 3pm 08/06/13

June 8th, 2013

Great weather for this year’s Newburgh Coble Boat Race. The event takes place at the usual venue, the slipway off the old salmon fisheries net drying green. The first heats will start at 3pm. Therre is no entry charge for this event but donations are welcome to help with the various costs that the organising committee uncur.

Newburgh Coble Boat Race - 08/06/13

May 26th, 2013

The disappointment of yet another cancelled Highland Games can be offset by the Newburgh Coble Boat Race - which will now be held on the waterfront on 08/06/13. Let’s hope the weather lets this event go ahead!

Games Cancelled Again

May 26th, 2013

The games comittee are very disappointed to have to cancel the Newburgh Highland Games planned for 15/06/13. The problem this year is again the weather. It’s been so wet over recent months that the games park will not be able to dry out in time for this years event. Any sponsorship donations received so far will be carried over and remain valid for next year’s games.

Newburgh Highland Games on 15/06/2021

May 1st, 2013

Preparations are now underway for the 2013 Newburgh Highland Games. The weather has led to them being cancelled for the last two years so let’s hope this year brings better luck. Any businesses in Newburgh or the surrounding area who want to be advertised on this site or at the games park can do this by becomming patrons or sponsors of the event. Please contact the committee via the contact page on this website.

2012 Coble Boat Race Results

August 18th, 2012

Thomas Johnstone and Barry Roper won the mens Coble Boat Race and the juniors race was won by Ryan Brown and Steven Simpson. The prize for the fastest heat went to Gavin and Graeme Marshall (who were the 2011 winners). The sweepstake winner was Jim Douglas.

Full results are:- Men’s Race 1) Thomas Johnstone & Barry Roper 2) Gary Davidson & David Muir 3) Gavin & Graeme Marshall 4) Fraser Hart & Alan Brown 5) Patrick McGhoey & Robert Finlay. Junior’s race 1) Ryan Brown and Steven Simpson 2) Alex Strachan & Fraser Ellison 3) Conrad Robertson & Scott Reilly 4) Connor McGheoy & Murray Hart 5) Ryan Wilson & Lyall Dow

The Boat race was held in bright sunshine in front of a large crowd made up of local people and visitors from various parts of the world. The crowd witnessed the launching of the Newburgh Skiff. This was built by the Newburgh Rowing club. It’s already been raced at Portobello and a small race meeting is due to be held on the Tay in September.

Coble Boat Race 18/08/12

August 17th, 2012

The Hill race has now been cancelled due to the recent wet weather. All the other events are still going ahead with the Coble Boat Race itself starting at 3pm. All along the waterfront there will be various events and stalls throughout the afternoon as well as live music perfomances on the stage. Free entry (but donations welcome!). This Coble Boat Race is an event that is unique to Newburgh so if you’ve not been to see it before please join us on Robertson Pier and along the watrfront on the afternoon of the 18th August.

Newburgh Coble Boat Race 18th August

August 3rd, 2012

The Newburgh heritage day and Coble Boat Race will be held on  the riverside on 18/08/12. The main event, the coble boat race, is at 3pm but there will be stalls and entertainment throughout the afternoon. Entry is free. Keep checking here for further details of the day’s planned events

Games Cancelled for 16th of June Due to Weather

June 15th, 2012

The Newburgh Games Committee are very disappointed to have to cancel the Highland Games, due to be held on the 16th of June. Yet again the weather has been against us with wind, rain and low temperatures forecast. The volume of rain that’s fallen over the past 24 hours is also important as the games park is now very wet indeed, which could make it unsafe for competitors and certainly uncomfortable for spectators.

There will be a committee meeting soon to discuss options for the 2012 Highland Games so please check this website again for further information just in case we do manage to schedule a new date for this event.

Getting ready for the games on 16th June

June 13th, 2012

Everything is almost ready for this year’s Newburgh Highland Games. Anyone walking near ‘Robbie’s Park’ will see the preparations underway, to set the field up ready for Saturday. Please visit the updated contacts page for the correct phone numbers if you have any enquiries to make. The weather forecast is not great for Saturday but lets hope the day is good enough for the games to go ahead this year.