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2012 Coble Boat Race Results

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Thomas Johnstone and Barry Roper won the mens Coble Boat Race and the juniors race was won by Ryan Brown and Steven Simpson. The prize for the fastest heat went to Gavin and Graeme Marshall (who were the 2011 winners). The sweepstake winner was Jim Douglas.

Full results are:- Men’s Race 1) Thomas Johnstone & Barry Roper 2) Gary Davidson & David Muir 3) Gavin & Graeme Marshall 4) Fraser Hart & Alan Brown 5) Patrick McGhoey & Robert Finlay. Junior’s race 1) Ryan Brown and Steven Simpson 2) Alex Strachan & Fraser Ellison 3) Conrad Robertson & Scott Reilly 4) Connor McGheoy & Murray Hart 5) Ryan Wilson & Lyall Dow

The Boat race was held in bright sunshine in front of a large crowd made up of local people and visitors from various parts of the world. The crowd witnessed the launching of the Newburgh Skiff. This was built by the Newburgh Rowing club. It’s already been raced at Portobello and a small race meeting is due to be held on the Tay in September.

Coble Boat Race 18/08/12

Friday, August 17th, 2012

The Hill race has now been cancelled due to the recent wet weather. All the other events are still going ahead with the Coble Boat Race itself starting at 3pm. All along the waterfront there will be various events and stalls throughout the afternoon as well as live music perfomances on the stage. Free entry (but donations welcome!). This Coble Boat Race is an event that is unique to Newburgh so if you’ve not been to see it before please join us on Robertson Pier and along the watrfront on the afternoon of the 18th August.

Newburgh Coble Boat Race 18th August

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

The Newburgh heritage day and Coble Boat Race will be held on  the riverside on 18/08/12. The main event, the coble boat race, is at 3pm but there will be stalls and entertainment throughout the afternoon. Entry is free. Keep checking here for further details of the day’s planned events