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Gavin & Graeme Marshall win the Coble Boat Race 2011

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

A very large crowd watched Gavin & Graeme win the 2011 senior Coble Boat Race. In the registration tent there was an old photo of their great grandfather in the same event in 1935! The women’s race was won by Kayleigh Waters and Jenna Marshall (also a great grandchild of the man in the 1935 photo!). Leigh Johnston (another of this same man’s  great grandchildren!!) came in second, rowing with Jane Whitefield.  The youth’s race was won by Ryan Brown and Steven Simpson. The Sandy Moncreiff memorial trophy was presented to David Muir and Gary Davidson in recognition of them competing in the Newburgh Coble Boat race for many years.  The  full results will be posted up here soon.

The Coble Boat Race and Heritage day was again a great success, attracting an estimated 1000 spectators over the course of the day. The ‘Reaper’, an old herring fishing boat, was moored off the pier and proved to be a popular attraction. The day’s events finished with ‘the bear’ being lit which is always a spectacular sight.